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Kellogg looking to conduct business sales of certain brands

It is not unusual for big-name companies to also own other companies. This business move can often allow for company growth and addition paths of revenue. However, when companies want to put more focus toward specific brands, they may choose to conduct business sales.

It takes many steps to dissolve a company

Though many businesses have the potential to last for decades, it is common for companies to close their doors. When an owner does want to dissolve a company, it is not as easy as simply shutting down operations and not starting them up the next day. In fact, it can be quite an extensive process when done correctly.

Disagreements among leadership leads to business dissolution

Some businesses can run for many years before a major hiccup results in the need to seriously reconsider operations. In some cases, leadership teams may disagree on how to run the company to a point that it seems as if there is no resolution available. In these types of situations, it is not unusual for business dissolution to take place.

GE sells a business (again) in hopes of addressing debts

Buying and selling is a major part of the operations of most companies. In some cases, however, the selling may go beyond products or services, and owners may find that they need to sell a business entirely. This type of action could affect large or small companies, and the reasons for doing so can vary.

Buying a business? A lawyer can help

Some opportunities only come along once in a lifetime. Perhaps you heard that a business here in Anaheim was up for sale. You decided that buying a business that is already established would be the way to go. You envision breathing new life into the business and making it a success, but that may only happen if the transaction goes through without any surprises or seemingly insurmountable obstacles due to a dispute.

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