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Farm owners face construction litigation over noise

When construction projects begin, the individuals behind projects in California and elsewhere may have grand ideas about how the new additions will improve the community, their ability to meet certain needs and allow them to reach other goals. However, other parties may not be pleased with certain aspects of the construction, and they may take steps to bring it to an end. As a result, multiple parties could end up embroiled in construction litigation.

It was recently reported that a lawsuit involving the owners of a farm and their neighbors is currently underway in another state. Apparently, the neighbors are disgruntled with the amount of noise the construction on the farm is generating, and as a result, the neighbors filed suit claiming that the farm owners are violating their right to "quiet enjoyment" of their residences. The farm owners stated that their construction projects are necessary to expand the services they provide on the farm, which include programs for disabled and autistic children.

The projects reportedly include a shelter for animals, a pavilion for programs and a tractor shed. The owners also stated that they have permits for the construction and the various uses of their farm, but the neighbors claim that the property is no longer a farm but a destination venue that will negatively impact the area. They hope that the lawsuit will result in bringing an end to the construction, and the farm owners hope that they will be able to continue providing services for kids in need.

Construction litigation can be complex, and both sides likely have strong views as to why they believe the case should rule in their favor. Even when fighting against unfounded claims, property owners still need a meaningful argument to continue their construction projects. Individuals in California facing legal issues with their projects may want to consult with attorneys about their options.

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