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October 2018 Archives

Finding a dream home takes compromise and consideration

Buying a home can be an exciting time in any California resident's life. One may know that a lot of work will go into finding the right place to live, but it should not take away from the enjoyment of searching for a future home. Of course, it is also wise for individuals to remember that compromise may be necessary in order to remain financially secure while looking for that dream house.

Common causes of real estate disputes

When involved in the buying, selling or otherwise transferring of land, complications can arise. When these complications arise, there is a lot at stake. Real estate is very often the most significant financial risk a person takes in their life.

Farm owners face construction litigation over noise

When construction projects begin, the individuals behind projects in California and elsewhere may have grand ideas about how the new additions will improve the community, their ability to meet certain needs and allow them to reach other goals. However, other parties may not be pleased with certain aspects of the construction, and they may take steps to bring it to an end. As a result, multiple parties could end up embroiled in construction litigation.

It takes many steps to dissolve a company

Though many businesses have the potential to last for decades, it is common for companies to close their doors. When an owner does want to dissolve a company, it is not as easy as simply shutting down operations and not starting them up the next day. In fact, it can be quite an extensive process when done correctly.

Real estate disputes can impact businesses

Competition exists in every business industry. While this is to be expected, there are some instances in which competing companies or businesses can take unseemly steps to harm the operations of another company. This could prove particularly true when individuals are looking to buy land to develop and feel duped by another business. As a result, real estate disputes could arise.

Commercial real estate leases often need negotiations

Running a California business often means needing a place out of which to operate. While some small businesses may have the ability to operate out of their homes, that is not always feasible for those looking to grow their companies. As a result, they often utilize commercial real estate to do business, which typically also means signing a commercial lease.

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