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September 2018 Archives

Construction litigation involves Brad Pitt's nonprofit

Many people want to help others when they can. Unfortunately, their efforts can sometimes be undermined by the actions of other parties. In some cases, construction litigation can result when a person or entity does not perform when it comes to completing a project in a satisfactory manner.

Commercial real estate could be a valuable investment

When investing, many people want to find ways that they can earn a passive income. While there is certainly still work involved, owning commercial real estate can often offer this type of opportunity. Of course, in order to get started, individuals interested in California real estate need to find the right property for their ventures.

Avoiding common mistakes to prevent business disputes

When starting a new business in California, founders have any number of important decisions to make. Choosing a business structure, formulating a business plan, launching products or services and making hiring decisions are just a few of these important elements. Each decision is crucial to the success of the business and may have lasting effects long beyond the grand opening.

Real estate transactions are legally-binding deals

Many California residents consider buying a home one of life's biggest milestones. When individuals feel ready to take such a major step, their eagerness may also be mixed with some apprehension. The latter feeling is understandable as many factors go into real estate transactions, and people want to avoid as many mistakes and missteps as possible.

Real estate transactions have many steps before closing

Many people find the idea of buying their first California home exciting. Of course, this process may also involve more steps than they realized. Real estate transactions are complex affairs, and even if parties have found what they believe to be the perfect homes, they need to complete several steps before closing.

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