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August 2018 Archives

Real estate disputes may arise over lease issues

Running a business and its success can often hinge on where the base of operations is located. As a result, when a business has to move due to construction or other changes in the area, it can have a major impact on the company. In fact, if the move does not go as planned, real estate disputes could result.

How to prepare your home to sell

Selling your house can be a large undertaking. There are many steps you will need to take before selling. Presenting your home in the best possible way is one of these steps, if you want to sell it successfully. In order to draw interest to your home to attract buyers, you may need to make certain preparations to your house.

Disagreements among leadership leads to business dissolution

Some businesses can run for many years before a major hiccup results in the need to seriously reconsider operations. In some cases, leadership teams may disagree on how to run the company to a point that it seems as if there is no resolution available. In these types of situations, it is not unusual for business dissolution to take place.

Partially collapsed parking deck leads to construction litigation

New structures pop up all over. Many areas need construction projects in order to meet certain needs or in order for new businesses to have a place to conduct their affairs. However, if issues with a new structure present themselves, it is not unusual for construction litigation to take place, especially if one party believes that the proper steps were not taken to complete the project.

Professional help may be wise for commercial real estate deals

Any type of real estate transaction can have its bumps along the way. California residents may find themselves particularly concerned with issues pertaining to commercial real estate. Typically, making this type of purchase or leasing commercial property can seem overwhelming to anyone, especially those with little or no previous experience with such an undertaking.

Construction litigation arises over lack of environmental study

Most people see some form of construction almost daily. Some people may even carry out these projects themselves. While the end result may be to make an area better, it can be difficult to reach those results when issues with the projects arise. In some cases, other parties may feel that violations have occurred that warrant construction litigation.

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