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July 2018 Archives

Commercial real estate deals often hinge on loans

Many people have need of commercial property. Of course in order to obtain commercial real estate, there are many steps that interested California residents need to go through. A considerable amount of competition for such real estate also exists, and individuals hoping to obtain property may want to strengthen their chances.

Own a home with mom and dad? You may want to take precautions

It may be time to broaden the definition of “helicopter parents.” If you thought it was just for parents of those under the age of 18, then you are not aware of a new trend that has been steadily growing in the United States the last few years. It is called multigenerational households and is defined as at least two adult generations living together, or a household that includes both grandchildren and grandparents.

Considering important aspects of real estate transactions

Getting ready to buy a home can be an exciting time in anyone's life. Individuals may scrape and save and shop in hopes of finding the right home for themselves and their future families. Of course, real estate transactions are complicated endeavors, and many first-time homebuyers in California may want to consider aspects that they may not have before.

Construction litigation may result when projects are mismanaged

Many people in California need to hire contractors in order to complete construction projects, whether for personal or business reasons. In particular, business-related construction projects can be costly endeavors, and those hiring the contractors want to make sure that budgets are kept and agreements are followed. Of course, not every agreement goes as planned, and in some cases, construction litigation may be necessary to resolve issues.

Common title issues to be aware of before a purchase

An important step of any real estate transaction is securing title insurance. The process requires attention to detail, from a title commitment to when you purchase a policy. Title insurance is detrimental to protect your investment, but can occur beforehand. Title issues can derail a sale or purchase. There are common title issues to be aware of before you sign.

GE sells a business (again) in hopes of addressing debts

Buying and selling is a major part of the operations of most companies. In some cases, however, the selling may go beyond products or services, and owners may find that they need to sell a business entirely. This type of action could affect large or small companies, and the reasons for doing so can vary.

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