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Buying a business? A lawyer can help

Some opportunities only come along once in a lifetime. Perhaps you heard that a business here in Anaheim was up for sale. You decided that buying a business that is already established would be the way to go. You envision breathing new life into the business and making it a success, but that may only happen if the transaction goes through without any surprises or seemingly insurmountable obstacles due to a dispute.

An attorney could help make sure that your purchase goes smoothly by helping you anticipate potential trouble areas in the transaction. Even after negotiating a purchase and sale agreement and executing it, you still need to be on your guard. What happens if you discover something about the business that the seller failed to disclose?

How to handle an encroachment on your property

Property disputes are not uncommon. Noise complaints, yard waste and easements are a few examples of issues that can become problematic. While these are relatively mundane catalysts for neighborhood friction, what happens when someone else actually puts a structure on your property?

Encroachment occurs when another person builds something that intrudes on or above your land. This can escalate into a serious legal issue if it can't be resolved in an amicable, neighborly fashion. If you find yourself dealing with someone else building on your property, what actions are available to you?

5 'spring cleaning' steps you may want to take for your business

Like many entrepreneurs here in Southern California, when starting your business, you put an awful lot of thought into setting up your company's operations and your goals and plans for the company. Once the everyday grind of running the company started, however, your focus may have come to primarily rest on the day-to-day things. You may feel like you don't have the time to deeply examine important questions like:

  • Is my business going the right direction?
  • Is my company doing what it needs to do to be a success?
  • What areas does my company need to improve in?

What to do when a home reveals faults not disclosed pre-purchase

Purchasing your first home should be an amazing feeling signaling the start to a more stable future where long-term roots and dreams are established. Unfortunately, not every home buyer has this experience, especially when the home consists of serious infrastructural faults not disclosed prior to signing over new ownership.

Whenever a new home purchase is in any way functioning less than what the real estate agent made it out to be, it causes questions pertaining to the legality of the situation. Was it legal for the real estate agent not to disclose certain information about the home prior to purchase? What are my rights and entitlements? These questions are more than fair to ask and important to seek out anytime you're feeling uneasy about a high-cost decision.

Owning a home is sometimes a second job

Do you have to work a second job to afford your home? According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 7.6 million Americans work a second job to make ends meet today. When you bought your home, you probably considered both the pros and cons of the purchase not just on your finances but on your lifestyle too. While you might work a second job to make ends meet, it turns out that owning a home could equate to the same.

Added work equals added value

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